Sesiones Plenarias


Martin Grube

Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

"Evolution and design of the lichen symbiosis"


Sergio Favero-Longo

Università di Torino
'About Sergio'

"Lichens and biofilms on the engraved rocks of Valle Camonica (UNESCO site  n.94, Italy): Five years of investigations on biodiversity, biodeterioration and control strategies"



Jairo Patiño

Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología (IPNA-CSIC)
'Island Ecology and Evolution Research Group (IECOEVOLAB)'

"Going beyond dispersal: Challenges and (new) perspectives in bryophyte biogeography"


Fabio Rindi

Università Politecnica delle Marche

“The genus Lithophyllum (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) in the Mediterranean: current knowledge of its taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography”


Juan Carlos Zamora

Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève
'About Juan Carlos'

“Taxonomy and nomenclature: when the order of the factors does alter the product”


Sonia Molino

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)

"A global study of Parablechnum: diversity and evolution across Gondwana in the youngest fern family"