Please send your proposals through this link

Electronic submission of abstracts can be submitted between 1st March 2022 and 30th July 2022 through the conference website.

Selection and confirmation of proposals (20th July 2022)
The selection of papers and final confirmation of participation of the contributors will be decided upon until 20th July 2022.

The language of the conference is English.
Four types of proposals will be considered:

  1. Individual papers. Please submit a 300-400-word abstract (excluding references), along with 5 keywords and a short bio-note. Each speaker will be given a maximum of 20 minutes for his or her presentation. More interactive types of presentations are encouraged (as opposed to reading the paper). Abstracts should include theoretical framework, methodological approach, findings and references.
  2. Round tables. Round tables are to be designed according to a particular topic of debate that is discussed amongst 3 participants (and potentially attendees), all of which bring in different perspectives. The proposal should include the names of the participants and an abstract by the chair (300-400 words) on the development of the round table (summarising previous research, setting the scope of the presentations and including open questions to engage with the audience). 5 keywords and a short bio-note of the participants must also be included.
  3. Thematic panels. We welcome proposals for complete panels (a maximum of three papers per panel). Please submit three separate 300-400-word abstracts for each one of the contributions.
  4. Workshops. These should be practical and conducted by professionals and specialists, within the entertainment industry, with experience in DTVS. Please submit a 1000-word description of the topic and the design of the workshop itself.



  • The language for the proposals and presentations is English.
  • Each registered author can submit a maximum of TWO proposals (either individual or shared with other author/s).
  • Co-author participants: All the speakers should register and pay the registration fee, even if they plan not to or cannot attend the conference, as a condition for inclusion of their abstract in the conference and in order to get their certificate as participant (co)authors.
  • Please do not forget to check the section on Important dates on the website.
  • Those authors who have not completed the registration fees by the 3rd of October will be withdrawn from the conference.

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