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Wednesday 4th November







Diversity and Television Series: A Linguistic Perspective

CHAIR: Carmen Gregori-Signes

PANEL 1   (10:30-11:30) LIVE


Isabel Durán Giménez-Rico, Sex, Lies, Age and Second Lives in Grace and Frankie


Juan González-EtxeberríaAs Prostate Enlarges, the Show Must Go On: The Kominsky Method’s Tragicomedy


Clara Sánchez TrigoSocial Responsibility of the Woman of Colour, Affective Labour of V in Shameless (US)


   Q & A   (11:30-12:15)              CHAIR: Claudia Alonso-Recarte


PANEL 2   (12:30-13:30) LIVE


PANEL 3   (12:30-13:30) PRE-RECORDED

Héctor J. Pérez, Cognitive Richness and Serial Ingredients in Vida


Nieves Alberola Crespo, Food and Identity in Desperate Housewives

Maddalena Fedele & Maria-Jose Masanet, The ‘Troubled Rebel Girl’ and the ‘Boy-Next-Door’: The Apparent Inversion of Gender and Love Archetypes in 13 Reasons Why, Élite and Sex Education


Elena Castellano-OrtoláThe Jargon of Italian-American Mob Bands: A Corpus-Based Case Study of The Sopranos (2nd season)

Marco Briziarelli, Christina Blankenship & Susana Martínez GuillemFear the Fetish: Media, Monster Capitalism, and the Meta-Discourse of Zombies


Laura Alvarez Trigo, The Intersectional Heroine of Digital TV Narratives: Intertextuality, Affect and Fandom in She-Ra and the Princess of Power

Q & A   (13:30-14:15)              CHAIR: Joaquin Primo-Pacheco


  Q & A   (13:30-14:00)              CHAIR: Jesús Romero-Barranco


PANEL 4   (16:00-17:00) PRE-RECORDED


PANEL 5   (16:00-17:00) PRE-RECORDED

Miriam Fernández Santiago, Vulnerable: Intersecting Disability and Precarity in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Case of Mr. Robot (2015-2019)


ROUND TABLE: Blanca Arias-Badia, Patrick Zabalbeascoa, Aida Franch Arnau & Rosa Roig, Series Travelling Abroad, Polyglot Series: Translation Studies Hand in Hand with Television Studies

Miguel Ángel Jordán EnamoradoFrom Jane Austen’s Emma to Multiplatform YouTube Webseries Emma Approved


María Labarta Postigo, Multilingual Translation of English Idioms in Internet-based TV-series: A Contrastive Approach


Q & A   (17:00-17:30)   CHAIR: Laura Mercé Moreno- Serrano


Q & A   (17:00-17:30)     CHAIR: Cristina Santaemilia del Hoyo

PANEL 6   (17:30-18:15) LIVE

    PANEL 7   (17:30-18:15) LIVE

Sofía Medina LópezTrauma and the Role of Women’s Body in the Miniseries Unorthodox

    Patricia Palomino-Manjón‘These violent delights have violent ends’: The Linguistic Construction of Victim-Survivors of Sexual Violence in Westworld

Marta Rocchi, Dialogues and Narrative Developments in Apple TV+ Series: See and Servant

    Dina PedroThe Supernatural Gothic as a Tool for Female Emancipation: Gender Violence and Oppression in the neo-Victorian TV Series Taboo (2017-)

Q & A   (18:15-18:45)              CHAIR: Elena Castellano-Ortolá

      Q & A   (18:15-18:45)              CHAIR: Dina Pedro

Thursday 5th November


PANEL 8   (9:00-10:00) PRE-RECORDED


PANEL 9   (9:00-10:00) LIVE

Patrick Gill, Coherence Effects in Digital TV: The Case of Anthology Series


Dina Pedro & Patricia Palomino-Manjón, Immigration in neo-Victorian Fiction: Constructing Magical Creatures as the Racial Other in Carnival Row (2019-)

Beatriz OriaMaking Choices: Millennial Angst in Master of None (Netflix, 2015-)    
Denis Newiak, Television’s Substitutional Communities: Late-Modern Isolation and Mediated Closeness
Angelo SollanoAdapting the ‘Expressive Identity’ of Different Local Versions of the Same Character. A Cross-cultural Approach to TV Format BeTipul (In Treatment)           

Gustavo Adolfo Rodríguez Martín, Mr. White, Walter, Walt, or Bitch? — The Role of Forms of Address in Breaking Bad

Q & A   (10:00-10:30)              CHAIR: Miguel Fuster- Márquez


Q & A   (10:00-10:45)        CHAIR: Patricia Palomino- Manjón

Anthropocentric Storytelling: Towards Thinking Beyond the Human in Television Studies

CHAIR: Claudia Alonso- Recarte

PANEL 10   (12:15-13:15) PRE-RECORDED


PANEL 11  (12:15-13:00) LIVE

Alberto N. García, Chernobyl (HBO, 2019) and the Aesthetics of Sacrifice


Amaya Fernández MenicucciTechnological Afterlife: Religious Imagery, Digital Reincarnation and the Representation of the Posthuman in Westworld

Sarah Hatchuel & Claire CornillonThe Ethics of Serial Narrative Structures


Iván D. TodorovHypermasculinity and Violence on the Screen


Paul Mitchell, When Androids are (A)Woken(n): Techno-Gothic Anxieties in Real Humans & Humans


Q & A   (13:15-13:45)        CHAIR: Carmen Gregori- Signes


Q & A   (13:00-13:30)       CHAIR: Víctor Huertas-Martín


PANEL 12   (15:30-16:15) PRE-RECORDED


PANEL 13   (15:30-16:30) PRE-RECORDED


Sara Díaz Sierra, Produced and Perceived Authenticity in Derry Girls


Cristina María Tello Barbé, A Corpus-based Analysis of Verbal Violence in the TV Series Peaky Blinders


Guillermo Martínez, A Statistical Insight into Script-level Gender Characterization in Netflix Series

Verónica Membrive, Representing the North through Humour in Lisa McGee’s Derry Girls


Manuel Rodríguez-PeñarrojaComplimenting for a Living: We Have Been Warned Against Technological Advances

Q & A   (16:15-16:45)     CHAIR: Laura Mercé Moreno-Serrano


Q & A   (16:30-17:00)    CHAIR: Manuel Rodríguez- Peñarroja

PANEL 14   (17:00-18:15) LIVE


Ana Isabel Zamorano Rueda & Arantzazu Fernández Iglesias, Trespassing the Threshold of Literary Texts: Penny Dreadful as a Multivocal Show of the French Theatre of Horror


Estefanía Sánchez Auñón, Anti-Psychiatry in Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Asylum


Reto Winckler, Hamlet, Hacked: Mr. Robot as Update, Port and Fork of Shakespeare's Source Code

Víctor Huertas Martín, ‘Read a fucking book!’: Reading for Redemption in Boardwalk Empire (Terence Winter, 2010-2014)

Q & A   (18:15-19:00)           CHAIR: Cristina M. Tello Barbé


Friday 6th November


PANEL 15  (9:00-10:00) LIVE


Maricel Oró Piqueras & Katsura Sako, Late-life Friendship in Grace and Frankie: Changing Relationship Paradigms in Old Age?


Laura Mercé Moreno-Serrano & Sergio Maruenda-Bataller, ‘My superpower, I actually get it from Mom’: A CADS Analysis of the Cycle of Violence in Big Little Lies


Daniela Landert, Only One Chance to Make a First Impression: Characterisation through First Utterances in Pilot Episodes


Q & A   (10:00-10:45)      CHAIR: Paula Rodríguez- Abruñeiras


PANEL 16  (11:00-12:00) LIVE


Mercedes Díez-Prados & Ana B. Cabrejas-Peñuelas, Daenerys Targaryen’s Language and Identity in Game of Thrones: A Corpus-analysis Study of Her Military Harangues


Susan Reichelt, The Multimodal Co-construction of Stance in Telecinematic Discourse


Thomas C. Messerli & Miriam A. Locher, Joint K-Drama Viewing: Community Building through Fan Subtitling and Timed Comments on


Q & A   (12:00-12:45)            CHAIR: Miguel Fuster- Márquez



Performing Voices in Talking Heads

CHAIR: Sergio Maruenda- Bataller





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