Dear Conference Participants,

We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well and are all in good health, and that you have been able to enjoy the summer break.

We are contacting you with an update regarding the organization of the Conference Discourses of Fictional (Digital) TV Series (Valencia 3-6 November, 2020).

Given the extraordinary circumstances, we have made the following decisions regarding the conference:


i) The conference presentations will be exclusively ONLINE. We will be giving you access to an online platform with the programme and links to the presentations.

ii) If possible, plenary speakers will be doing their lectures via streaming (Blackboard Collaborate).

iii)  Non-plenary conference speakers will have to prepare a pre-recorded session  that will be accessed through the online platform.



The conference is still scheduled for November 3-6. The sessions/panels will begin on Nov. 4, but on Nov. 3 (from 15.00 hours onward), for your convenience, the online platform will be open and the presentations available for watching.

Should you experience any technical problems, please contact us to ensure that your access is functioning properly by the end of the day.


2. ONSITE ATTENDANCE. We will be welcoming those who do wish to come to Valencia.

There will be rooms available in the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication from which to watch the presentations and engage in the online discussions (presentations will still be through pre-recorded sessions).

There will be complimentary coffee breaks and snacks, and we will organize luncheons. Please let us know if you are coming by October 26 so that we may work out the logistics.


3. PRESENTATIONS. The program will be designed with LIVE panel discussions via Blackboard Collaborate.

As with in-person conferences, there will also be a dedicated period for questions and discussion after the presentations.

Panel speakers will be given a time frame during which they must be virtually present to engage in the panel discussion and debate with the rest of the panel members and with the attendees, all of which will have already watched the presentations beforehand.

These sessions will be moderated by one of the conference organizers or participants.



Pre-recorded sessions should be sent to the conference organizers by October 19.

We understand that this is much in advance, but given the amount of speakers, we are required to have everyone’s presentations so that there is sufficient time for uploading them.

We will soon be sending you instructions on the possible formats that you can use for your presentations.


5.- PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME. The preliminary programme will be sent to you by October 26, so that you can check your time slots for online discussions. 


6. NEW REGISTRATION DEADLINE: We must inform you that, given these changes, we must ask for all registrations and payments to be carried by October 10 at 23.59 hours. Instructions for registration will be available in the conference website:


We apologize for these new organizational changes, but unfortunately, given national and international regulations in the current crisis, and after much thought, we have found this to be the best alternative in order to accommodate all speakers.


We appreciate your patience and understanding, and should you decline participating we ask that you let us know at your earliest convenience.


We will keep you informed if there are any further changes.  This same information is available on the conference website


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions that you may have.


The Organising Committee


Organisers, sponsors, collaborators