SEET Valencia 2023

Preliminary program

February 2nd, 2023


8:30-9:00 – Registration (ADEIT, Pl. Virgen de la Paz 3, 46001, Valencia)


9:00-11:00 – Parallel sessions: 


Room A (Salón de Actos) – Public Goods (Chair: Luca Panaccione)

Pizziol, Veronica

Is the willingness to contribute to a European public good different across countries? Not for the next generation EU

Rodero Cosano, Javier

Improbable fines in public goods games: An experiment on tax compliance

Spadoni, Lorenzo

Voluntary partnerships for equally sharing contribution costs

Panaccione, Luca

Going beyond suffering? Experimental public good provision when rewards increase with contributions


Room B (Salón de Grados) - Uncertainty: risk and ambiguity I (Chair: Andrea Albertazzi)

Pintér, Ágnes

It's the final countdown! Threshold public good games with horizon uncertainty

Wada, Ryoko

Comparative risk and ambiguity aversion: An experimental approach

Filippin, Antonio

The goods, the bads, and the well-behaved

Albertazzi, Andrea

Loss aversion in the probability domain


Room C (Aula 0.1) - Out-of-the-lab experiments (Chair: Sara Gil Gallen)

Herranz-Zarzoso, Noemí

Academic dishonesty and monitoring in online exams: A randomized field experiment

Ballatore, Marta

Blockchain-based data sharing system: An experimental analysis of behavioral traits affecting inter-organization cooperation

Malezieux, Antoine

Discrimination and elimination patterns in TV shows: The survivor case

Gil Gallen, Sara

Equality of opportunity in a probabilistic dictator game: An artefactual field experiment

11:00-11:20 - Coffee break


11:20-13:20 - Parallel sessions:


Room A (Salón de Actos) - Taxes and Unethical Behaviour (Chair: Giuseppe Di Liddo)

Cascavilla, Alessandro

Maximal fine and corruption: Experimental evidence

Martinangeli, Andrea

The propagation of unethical behaviours: Cheating responses to tax evasion

Rodriguez-Priego, Nuria

Influence of tax rates and social norms on effort, evasion, and revenue: Experimental evidence

Di Liddo, Giuseppe

Tax progressivity under strategic delegation


Room B (Salón de Grados) – Finance (Chair: Cristhian Andrés Rodríguez Revilla)

Ortiz Gómez, Jose María

Information simplification and anchoring improve financial decisions: A credit card statement experiment

Weidenholzer, Simon

Motives for delegation in financial decision making

Oechssler, Joerg

An experiment on robo-advising

Rodríguez Revilla, Cristhian Andrés

Behavioural patterns of investment constraints adoption


Room C (Aula 0.1) – Public Policy (Chair: Antonio J. Morales)

Flores, Francisco

Academic aspirations and income inequality: Spillover effects of a video-based role model intervention among teenagers

Rabanal, Jean Paul

Voting on corporate policies: Theory and evidence

Vergine, Salvatore

Public acceptance of a wind farm in the South of Italy: A questionnaire-based survey with Markov process

Morales, Antonio J.

A lab experiment on climate change prevention with adolescents




13:20-14:30 - Lunch




14:30-16:30 - Parallel sessions: 


Room A (Salón de Actos) – Environmental Economics (Chair: Neus Planells)

Hernandez Arenaz, Íñigo

Promoting pro-environmental behavior: A field experiment on soft commitment and waste-sorting

Balart, Pau

Incentive effects and habit formation: Field evidence from waste sorting

Akaka, Jotham Jea

Decision support systems adoption in pesticide management

Planells, Neus

Pro-environmental behaviour and public policies: An experimental approach


Room B (Salón de Grados) – Dishonesty (Chair: Zeev Shtudiner)

Martin Quevedo, Azucena

Entrepreneurship, gender and dishonesty: experimental evidence on the game of dice task 

Pascual-Ezama, David

Why does James Bond always need to be smart?

Blazquiz Pulido, Juan Francisco

Is always lying condemnable? The effect of consequences on punishing dishonesty

Shtudiner, Zeev

Gender and priming of facial attractiveness: A lab-in-the-field experiment on dishonesty


Room C (Aula 0.1) – Expectations (Chair: Francisca Jiménez Jiménez)

Ruiz Buforn, Alba

Learning to forecast and price behavior in financial markets

Colasante, Annarita

Long-term expectations with unexpected variations in the fundamentals

Rholes, Ryan

Building Central Bank credibility: The role of forecast performance

Jiménez Jiménez, Francisca

Conditioning competitive behaviour in experimental Bertrand markets through contextual frames


16:30 -16:50 Coffee break



16:50 -18:20 - Parallel sessions: 




Room A (Salón de Actos) - Trust and Inequality (Chair: Andrea Guido)

Stimolo, Marco

Stochastic income mobility, inequality and trust. A proposal for an experimental analysis

Fevre Obarrio, Mercedes 

Influence of emotions in the ethical behavior of managers and workers: An experiment in the metaverse

Guido, Andrea

External validity of trust measures: Predicting loan repayment


Room B (Salón de Grados) - Incentives and preferences (Chair: Lara Ezquerra)

Imai, Taisuke

Estimating preferences using optimal adaptive design: An application to elicitation of time preferences from budget set choices

Jorrat, Diego Andres

Strong stability in preferences and tiny gender differences among teenagers: Evidence from secondary schools

Ezquerra, Lara 

Incentives for creativity: The role of gains and looses


Room C (Aula 0.1) - Uncertainty: risk and ambiguity II (Chair: María José Montoya-Villalobos)

Caferra, Rocco

Dynamic Inconsistency under uncertainty: A laboratory experiment

  Spiegelman, Eli

Once bitten, once shy: The memory of recent disappointment affects ambiguity, but not risk preferences in independent lotteries

Montoya-Villalobos, María José

Levels of uncertainty and charitable giving 




18:30-20:00 Guided visit to the city centre of Valencia (from the workshop until the gala dinner)



20:00-23:00 Gala dinner at “Àtic Alameda (Calle de Muñoz Seca, 2, 46010 Valencia)









February 3rd, 2023


9:30-11:30 - Parallel sessions: 


Room A (Salón de Actos) - Cooperation and networks (Chair: Katy Tabero)

Persichina, Marco

An experiment on renewable common resources management: How efficiency and other-regarding preferences affect the intergenerational equity

Melendez-Jiménez, Miguel A.

The Netflix paradox

Pavan, Marina

Exploiting the machine: Human cooperation with artificial agents in prisoner’s dilemma

Tabero, Katy

The individual-team discontinuity effect on institutional choices: Experimental evidence in voluntary public goods provision


Room B (Salón de Grados) – Labor (Chair: Luis Santos-Pinto)

Orlandi, Elisa

Equal opportunity statements and women participation in the job market

Sutan, Angela

Is there such a thing as communication overload? How do information technologies and communication technologies affect employees’ 

discretion and production?

Neyse, Levent

Are business executives different?

Santos-Pinto, Luis

The role of overconfidence in teamwork: Experimental evidence


Room C (Aula 0.1) – Social Norms (Chair: Michela Chessa)

Rozzi, Roberto

Masks, cameras and social pressure

Doñate-Buendía, Anabel

Watching eyes, sex and embezzlement: on the reduction of antisocial behavior

Turrini, Enya

Do social norms explain unethical behaviors in the workplace?

Chessa, Michela

Hey, what did you expect? Confirmation bias in markets for experts’ services



11:30-11:50 - Coffee break




11:50-13:50 - Parallel sessions: 


Room A (Salón de Actos) - Markets I (Chair: Roberto Hernán)

Barreda Tarrazona, Iván

Can bank runs be prevented by bail-in mechanisms? An experimental analysis

Casal, Sandro

On the transparency of nudges: An experiment

Ramos Sosa, María del Pino

Making conformity salient: An experiment

Hernán, Roberto

You will not regret it: On the practice of randomized incentives


Room B (Salón de Grados) – Beliefs (Chair: Raúl López)

Attanasi, Giuseppe

Belief-based vs. opportunity-based kindness in a reciprocal dictator game

Crosetto, Paolo

Eliciting beliefs when the distribution matters: A horse race of elicitation interfaces

Ballester, Coralio

Uncovering sedes

López Pérez, Raúl

New evidence on selective recall


Room C (Aula 0.1) – Gender (Chair: Sara Martínez de Morentin)

Ciscato, Eleonora

An experiment on ecological restoration

Spinola, Ludovica

Spillover effects over more or less competitive Prisoners’ Dilemma: The role of gender

Mollier, Claire

Gender, competitiveness and reaction to defeat

Martínez de Morentin, Sara

Willingness to pay to fight violence against women: An experimental approach



13:50-15:30 – Lunch



15:30-17:00 - Parallel sessions: 




Room A (Salón de Actos) - Private Information (Chair: Magalie Dubois)

Georgantzis, Nikolaos 

Exchange markets with endogenous quality: When the “lemons problem” enhances trade

Maniadis, Zacharias

‘Identify the Expert’: An experimental study in economic advice

Dubois, Magalie

Wine perceived value: an experimental approach 


Room B (Salón de Grados) - Biases (Chair: Moti Michaeli)

Ciucani, Carlo

Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic: The role of self-control, risk aversion and fear of infection in shaping preferences for 

preventive measures

Stringhi, Alessandro

Fooling yourself: How narratives shape beliefs - Proposal for an experimental design

Michaeli, Moti

Are anti-vaxxers anti-social?


Room C – Markets II (Chair: Irene Comeig)

Erkut Neyse, Hande

Repugnant transactions: The role of agency and severe consequences

Batsaikhan, Mongoljin

Competitiveness of entrepreneurs and salaried workers

Comeig, Irene

Zero rating as a price discrimination mechanism, and social welfare on the internet two-sided market: An experimental approach




19:30 – Dinner at “Amor Amargo(Calle Cura Femenia, 2, 46006, Valencia)


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