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We find ourselves in a very crucial moment for the Valencian ball. Some people think that our sport is not going through its best moment and that is needed the support of all the involved sectors, at the head of which the Generalitat Valenciana should go. Others believe that, at present, all the public institutions, the Generalitat among them, have put in place many measures of support, diffusion and promotion of the Valencian ball. The truth is that the ball has been dragging for decades many structural problems that need to be solved: scare regulation of the professional field, lack of sports technicians, infrastructure network, media presence...

The Government of the Generalitat and the different Valencian administrations are sensitive to this problem. They have expressed their willingness to contribute to the promotion of our sport. Therefore, they have wanted to promote the organization of a Congress where these problems can be discussed, establish the Bases on which to act and create the necessary framework that guarantees the future of the Valencian ball. It is logical that an institution such as the Valencian Ball Chair, fruit of an agreement between the current Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports and the University of Valencia, is in charge of this organization. Therefore, since last year, the Chair has been working hard on the organization of the Congress that will be held this fall and that we present to you.

The general objective of the Congress is to mark the way forward for the future promotion of the Valencian ball and the creation and consolidation of structures that ensure its practice between Valencian people as it has been throughout history. We hope that the work and debates that are presented at the Congress achieve this goal and put our national sport in the place it deserves.


Organized by:

Generalitat Valenciana
Cátedra de Pilota Valenciana

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