Valencia del 3 al 4 de marzo de 2017
Evidence based assessment and treatment
of patients with neck pain


This two-day course aims to offer a wide range of possibilities to investigate and treat individual patients with neck pain. First, a clinical reasoning model will be explained as an overview of a structured evaluation of the patient with neck pain symptoms. The aim of this clinical reasoning model is to define the dominant dysfunction pattern in order to give a patient-tailored assessment and treatment.

Recent meta-analyses have shown that multimodal therapy, including a combination of manual therapy and exercise therapy has the greatest evidence as conservative treatment of neck pain. However, manual therapy and exercise therapy are broad concepts and it is crucial to give specific hands-on and hands-off techniques according to the dominant dysfunction pattern.

In this course, both articular, neurogenic, myofascial as well as neuromuscular assessment and treatment techniques will be demonstrated and trained. Integration of the different techniques will be done at the end of the 2-day course using a case study.

Nota importante: el curso se impartirá en inglés con traducción consecutiva.

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