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Jueves 28 de octubre de 2021 10:00 a 10:30

Sesión 2:

"Regional resilience: A concept review."

PRESENTA : Paula Cruz García, Universitat de València, Departament d'Anàlisis Econòmico

Regional resilience is a topic of high interest since deeply a ffects regional planning, development, and reconstruction after a negative externality. For this reason, regional resilience is a recurring field of study. This paper o ffers an extensive and comprehensive review of the existing literature on regional resilience from a global point of view. First, a description of the di fferent regional resilience measures used in the previous literature is shown. Second, the main research topics related to the concept of resilience are detailed. Third, we discover the papers that analyse resilience for particular regions. Then, new approaches to the topic are reviewed. Last, but not least, a general conclusion and some considerations for future research are presented.

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