Valencia from 20 to 22 March 2013
3rd Iberian Gravitational-Wave Meeting 2013

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General programme, activity sheet

Thursday 21 March, 2013 18:00 to 18:30 Conference
Numerical Relativity in Spherical Polar Coordinates.
Speaker: Pedro Montero, Max Planck for Astrophysics

Authors: Thomas W. Baumgarte, Pedro J. Montero, Isabel Cordero-Carrión, Ewald Müller

In the absence of symmetry assumptions most numerical relativity simulations adopt Cartesian coordinates. While Cartesian coordinates have some desirable properties, spherical polar coordinates appear better suited for certain applications, including gravitational collapse and supernova simulations. Development of numerical relativity codes in spherical polar coordinates has been hampered by the need to handle the coordinate singularities at the origin and on the axis, for example by careful regularization of the appropriate variables. Assuming spherical symmetry and adopting a covariant version of the BSSN equations, Montero and Cordero-Carri\'on recently demonstrated that such a regularization is not necessary when a partially implicit Runge-Kutta (PIRK) method is used for the time evolution of the gravitational fields. Here we report on an implementation of the BSSN equations in spherical polar coordinates without any symmetry assumptions. Using a PIRK method we obtain stable simulations in three spatial dimensions without the need to regularize the origin or the axis. We perform and discuss a number of tests to assess the stability, accuracy and convergence of the code, namely weak gravitational waves, "hydro-without-hydro" evolutions of spherical and rotating relativistic stars in equilibrium, and single black holes.
Afternoon Sessions
Place: Salon Grados

Other activities in Afternoon Sessions
16:30 h. to 17:00 h.Conference

Bayesian Inference of Gravitational Waves from Stellar Core Collapse

Speaker: Alejandro  Torres Forné, Universitat de Valencia
15:30 h. to 16:00 h.Conference

Stellar core collapse with neutrinos and magnetic fields

Speaker: Martin Obergaulinger, Universitat de València
17:00 h. to 17:30 h.Coffee break

16:00 h. to 16:30 h.Conference

Black-hole production from ultrarelativistic collisions

Speaker: Kentaro Takami, Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics, Albert-Einstein-Institute, Postdoc
17:30 h. to 18:00 h.Conference

Excision technique in constrained formulations of Einstein equations

Speaker: Isabel Cordero-Carrión, Laboratoire Univers et Théories (LUTH), Postdoctoral researcher
15:00 h. to 15:30 h.Conference

Black hole formation in the collapsar scenario

Speaker: Nicolas de Brye, University of Valencia, PhD student

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