Valencia from 20 to 22 March 2013
3rd Iberian Gravitational-Wave Meeting 2013

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General programme, activity sheet

Thursday 21 March, 2013 16:00 to 16:30 Conference
Black-hole production from ultrarelativistic collisions
Speaker: Kentaro Takami, Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics, Albert-Einstein-Institute, Postdoc

Authors: Luciano Rezzolla and Kentaro Takami

Determining the conditions under which a black hole can be produced is a long-standing and fundamental problem in general relativity. We use numerical simulations of colliding selfgravitating fluid objects to study the conditions of black-hole formation when the objects are boosted to ultrarelativistic speeds. Expanding on previous work, we show that the collision is characterized by a type-I critical behaviour, with a black hole being produced for masses above a critical value, M_c, and a partially bound object for masses below the critical one. More importantly, we show for the first time that the critical mass varies with the initial effective Lorentz factor <\gamma> following a simple scaling of the type M_c ~ K <\gamma>^{-1.0}, thus indicating that a black hole of infinitesimal mass is produced in the limit of a diverging Lorentz factor. Furthermore, because a scaling is present also in terms of the initial stellar compactness, we provide a condition for black-hole formation in the spirit of the hoop conjecture.
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Submited paper (516 KB)

Afternoon Sessions
Place: Salon Grados

Other activities in Afternoon Sessions
16:30 h. to 17:00 h.Conference

Bayesian Inference of Gravitational Waves from Stellar Core Collapse

Speaker: Alejandro  Torres Forné, Universitat de Valencia
15:30 h. to 16:00 h.Conference

Stellar core collapse with neutrinos and magnetic fields

Speaker: Martin Obergaulinger, Universitat de València
17:00 h. to 17:30 h.Coffee break

18:00 h. to 18:30 h.Conference

Numerical Relativity in Spherical Polar Coordinates.

Speaker: Pedro Montero, Max Planck for Astrophysics
17:30 h. to 18:00 h.Conference

Excision technique in constrained formulations of Einstein equations

Speaker: Isabel Cordero-Carrión, Laboratoire Univers et Théories (LUTH), Postdoctoral researcher
15:00 h. to 15:30 h.Conference

Black hole formation in the collapsar scenario

Speaker: Nicolas de Brye, University of Valencia, PhD student

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