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Friday 29 April, 2016 10:30 to 11:00 Comunicación
Future trends towards the integration of term banks in the professional translation environment
Speaker: Miguel A. Candel-Mora, Universitat Politècnica de València

Translation-oriented terminology management is not only limited to the study of terminology problems faced by translators with regards to terminology specialization, validity, currency, and training, it also deals with the construction of terminology databases, and the use of Information Technologies, such as translation memories and terminology management applications. For the last years, the process of developing terminology databases, their integration with CAT tools that facilitate their use, maintenance and retrieval towards the automation of the translation process and the consistency of technical terminology has focused attention from the academia and the language industry alike. However, this approach to terminology management seems to be carried out from a mostly theoretical perspective, disregarding that freelance translators do not usually share a common ground in terms of work environment, resources available, translation specialization or language pair just to mention a few of the variables that take place in this profession. The aim of this paper is to present the results from a survey conducted among professional translators in Spain regarding their actual experience with terminology management: their most frequent problems, and the most common resources used; and then compare these results with the terminology functionalities of CAT tools in order to identify potential gaps between the technological offer and the specific needs of translators, and suggest future enhancements. Fulford, H. 2001. “Translation Tools: An Exploratory study of their Adoption by UK freelance Translators”. Machine Translation, 16. 219-232. Somers, Harold. (ed) 2003. Computers and translation. A translator's guide. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company. Wright, S. E. and Budin, G. (eds.). 1997. Handbook of Terminology Management. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing.
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Topic 5 New technologies and their application to specialised translation

Other activities in Topic 5 New technologies and their application to specialised translation
11:00 h. to 11:30 h.Comunicación

The Role of Terminological Knowledge Bases in Specialized Translation: The use of ‘Umbrella Concepts’

Juan Carlos Gil Berrozpe, Universidad de Granada
09:00 h. to 09:30 h.Comunicación

El uso de ontologías en la representación del conocimiento biomédico como recurso para la traducción especializada

Tamara Varela Vila, Universidade de Vigo
10:00 h. to 10:30 h.Comunicación

Building ontologies with Methontology as a technical resource for specialised translation: OntoUAV project, a multilingual web ontology (EN/FR/ES) on Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV)

Maria Azahara Veroz González, Universidad de Córdoba
09:30 h. to 10:00 h.Comunicación

The opportunities afforded by the use of online games in the translation and interpreting classroom

Bryan John Robinson Fryer, Universidad de Granada
María Dolores Olvera Lobo, Universidad de Granada
María Asunción Arrufat Pérez de Zafra, Universidad de Granada



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