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Friday 29 April, 2016 11:00 to 11:30 Comunicación
Does it sound natural and appealing? Comparing strategies for song translation in different languages
Expose: Alicia Ricart, Universidad de Valencia

Walt Disney’s animated feature films have always been internationally a successful commercial product. The presence of songs in these animation films has urged for their translation into different languages. The challenge is to ensure an enjoyable version for the public bearing in mind the specific target language, culture and audience in the process of translation. In this context, translators need to adapt the lyrics taking into account many different aspects, looking for the best option and inevitably prioritizing for some criteria rather than other. The idea for the present research stems from the analysis by Chaume (2014), in which he carries out research considering one of Low’s (2003) Pentathlon Principle, “sense”, among others, in the translation of songs. The present study shows a contrastive analysis of linguistic choices made in the translation of two Disney original songs from the film Frozen, released in 2013: “Do you wanna build a Snowman” and “For the first time in forever”. The main purpose is to contrast the different strategies of translation employed by comparing the original English songs with the Spanish, German and Italian versions. With this aim, Baker’s (1992) proposal of translation strategies for dealing with non-equivalence at word level was applied as a framework for the data analysis. This research aims at underlining that the constraints of the song translating process might actually lead to a significant change in the sense or meaning of songs and that these changes in meaning vary considerably depending on the target language. Bibliography Baker, M. (1992). In other words: A course book on translation. London: Routledge. Chaume, F. (2014). La traducción de canciones en el cine de animación. Estrategias y elecciones en las versiones española, francesa e italiana de “Let it go”. Savoirs En Prisme. Low, P. (2005): « The Pentathlon Approach to Translating Songs ». Ed. L. Dinda Gorlée. Song and Significance. Virtues and Vices of Vocal Translation. Amsterdam and New York : Rodopi : 185-212
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Topic 1 Linguistics applied to translation: discourse, lexis, terminology



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