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Dijous 28 d'abril de 2016 16:00 a 16:30 Comunicación
How characters say what they say: translating intonation for dubbed texts
Exposa: Sofía  Sánchez Mompeán, Universidad de Murcia

The specificity of the audiovisual text, which combines two types of signs (verbal and non verbal) through two different channels of communication (acoustic and visual), poses new challenges for the translator at the same time as begging for broader avenues of research in Audiovisual Translation. For this reason, the study proposed here adopts an interdisciplinary approach able to delve into a key yet heavily under-researched issue: the translation of intonation for dubbing. Thus, the focus of analysis is not placed on what characters say but on how they say what they say and, particularly, on the way in which original actors make use of intonation to add semantic and pragmatic content to their words. The purpose is to determine, on the one hand, what particular difficulties can be encountered by the audiovisual translator on the basis of the nuances transmitted by actors intonationally and, on the other hand, how these nuances are to be rendered in the translated text in harmony with dubbing conventions (Chaume 2012). The oral delivery of the actors of a popular American TV sitcom (How I met your mother) is carefully examined and compared to its corresponding translation into Spanish. The examples at hand are divided according to the idea introduced by Halliday (1967) of a trio of subsystems that represents the three decisions a speaker faces when uttering a sentence: tonality (the division of an utterance into intonation phrases), tonicity (the focus of information) and tone (the pitch movement). The results obtained from the comparative analysis reveal that a significant part of the information conveyed intonationally by characters in the ST has not been reflected in the TT. These findings might be regarded as a reflection of the potential differences found between English and Spanish in terms of their prosodic and syntactic flexibility. References: Chaume, Frederic (2012) Audiovisual Translation: Dubbing. Manchester: St. Jerome. Halliday, M.A.K. (1967) Intonation and grammar in British English. The Hague: Mouton.
Topic 3 Investigació: el procés i el producte en la traducció especialitzada

Altres activitats a Topic 3 Investigació: el procés i el producte en la traducció especialitzada
15:30 h. a 16:00 h.Comunicación

La competencia temática en traducción juridica francés-español: los órganos jurisdiccionales franceses

Carmen Expósito Castro, Universidad de Córdoba
13:00 h. a 13:30 h.Comunicación

Posibilidades de estudios sobre la percepción del producto traducción especializada en usuarios competente

Francis Alexandra Castro Clemente, Universidad de Alicante
11:00 h. a 11:30 h.poster

A Study on the Correlation between the Quality of the translation of Hotel Websites and the Category of those Hotels

José María Valle Narciso, Universitat de València
12:30 h. a 13:00 h.Comunicación

The Origin of the "Origin" - Hedging in two translations of the first edition of "On the Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin

Eve-Marie Gendron-Pontbriand, Université de Montréal
12:00 h. a 12:30 h.Comunicación

Pasteur in Translation: his Work in English and German / Louis Pasteur traduit : son œuvre en anglais et en allemand

Delphine Olivier Bonfils, Université de Montréal
11:30 h. a 12:00 h.Comunicación

Métaphore, science et histoire : l’unité d’hérédité chez Darwin et Galton - Metaphor, science and history: the hereditary unit in Darwin and Galton

Sylvie Vandaele, Université de Montréal
11:00 h. a 11:30 h.poster

La traducción de páginas web de videojuegos

Patricia Morillas Villalba, Universidad de Valencia
11:00 h. a 11:30 h.poster

Los acentos y otros recursos en el cine de animación

Francisca García Luque, Universidad de Málaga
15:00 h. a 15:30 h.Comunicación

Informational pamphlets for asylum seekers in Spanish and English: A proposal for the simplification of legal discourse based on the Plain English Movement

María Cristina Toledo Báez, Universidad de Alcalá
16:30 h. a 17:00 h.Comunicación

El traductor especializado como dramaturgista

Itziar Hernández Rodilla, Traductora autónoma



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