Specialised translation: research and profession


Specialised translation has traditionally dealt with texts that are written in a specialised language, with a more practical than aesthetic function, and aimed at a specific target audience or discursive community (economic, legal or scientific texts, for example). Lately, and due to the evolution of the translation activity itself, specialised translation is being applied to a wide range of texts (even if they do not use specialised languages), in fields and areas such as publishing, journalism or humanistic and audiovisual studies. Lastly, the digital era has brought about a real revolution as far as research, translation technologies and the profession are concerned. These fields have turned specialised translation into an area of study that is very rich in proposals and challenges which are important to discuss. 


Topics of the conference:

-          Linguistics applied to translation: discourse, lexis, terminology

-          Corpus and translation

-          Research: the process and product of specialised translation

-          Teaching specialised translation

-          New technologies and their application to specialised translation

-          Individual or collective experiences in specialised translation

-          The profession of specialised translator nowadays


We already count with two special issues of journals that have been pre-accepted by the corresponding publishing entities, both for 2017:

-          RESLA (John Benjamins)

-          MONTI (Universities of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón)

-          IULMA MONOGRAPHS (Servei de Publicacions de la Universitat de València)

Papers will be selected on the basis of both blind-refereeing and their contribution to specific themes of particular interest arising from the conference and to be agreed in consultation with the publishers. Further information will be provided in due course.


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