The 1st International Seminar on Gender and Discourse (DISGEN1) is an event hosted by the Inter-universitary Institute for Applied Modern Languages and the Department of English and German Studies at the University of Valencia. The seminar aims at ​​creating an engaging and stimulating space where young and experienced researchers may present and discuss their research on the above-mentioned dyad.

This year’s event will take place between the 27th-28th of October at the Fundació Universitat Empresa - ADEIT. Please note this seminar will be held as an in-person event.

Since its inception, the GenText research group has given central stage to the role that discourse partakes in realising the gendered power divide. For over 15 years, GenText has fostered  research on discourse, gender and power, thus adhering to a long-standing tradition of feminist linguistic work.

The theme of DISGEN1 is Discourses of Gendered Violence. By choosing this theme, our objective is to highlight the discursive dimension of gendered violence.

Our confirmed keynote speakers for this year’s event are:

Michelle Lazar Susan Ehrlich José Santaemilia Ann Weatherall

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The registration period begins 15-03-2022 until 24-10-2022
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