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Jueves 28 de abril de 2016 15:30 a 16:00 Comunicación
Learning Environments and Specialized Translation: Drama as an Example in Higher Education
PRESENTA : Jose Saiz Molina, Universidad de Valencia

This presentation describes how to transfer and embed the traditional critical edition of a literary text from the local desktop to an online environment. A complex process where we are going to show (beyond hyper-textuality) how networking can assists our final end-users / students – in this case graduate or undergraduate students – when translating a literary text. The practical side of our proposal consists of presenting our own approach to some Plays by William Shakespeare, which are going to be dealt with: in a multilingual format (English, Spanish, Catalan, etc.); in their formal and traditional variations (in-Quarto and In-Folio); from a lineal (or conventional) as well as from new tabular perspective (e.g. indexes, concordances and search engines) and/or embedded into educational web based applications or Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, dotLRN, etc. In fact, in this presentation, we will explain how we will allow all users to get access to a huge volume of information while they neither have to leave the text they are working with nor the networked environment they have been logged in. Data, files, references, notes, comments and multiple annotations from a group of web users that are going to be helpful during the complex process of translating and annotating any version of the target text. At individual level, on the other hand, we will show how each final end-user / student is able to document the whole translating process by combining this new approach with the traditional one. Accessibility, revision, interoperability and linking will therefore be four key parameters for understanding the basic approach of our proposal.
Topic 5 Nuevas tecnologías y sus aplicaciones a la traducción especializada

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