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Jueves 28 de abril de 2016 15:00 a 15:30 Comunicación
WhatsApp for dubbing: translation, mediation and language learning in low-tech environments
PRESENTA : Tomás Costal Criado, UNED

Dynamic university graduates with a clear vocation for the teaching profession tend to find an almost insurmountable stumbling block when they arrive in a Spanish public high school for the first time, either as teachers-to-be in their now compulsory period of practice in the wider frame of a Master’s Degree in Teacher Training, or as novice public servants who have passed one of the more an more infrequent national recruitment competitions. Such a remarkable hindrance lies in the low-tech nature of most public educational institutions, which is generally presented in tandem with the mandatory prerequisite for students to achieve a series of competences even when essential resources are lacking. The present study offers an in-depth analysis of the potential uses of dubbing as a form of audiovisual translation to enhance the linguistic skills of secondary students, together with their capacity to become intra- and interlingual mediators (cf. Council of Europe, 2001: 14-15). Departing from an ever-growing body of research on the didactic uses of AVT (Chiu, 2012; Danan, 2010; Talaván, 2013), which constitutes its theoretical framework, this paper discusses several applications of dubbing in the foreign language classroom, the positive impact of the introduction of audiovisual translation modalities from a task-based approach, the appropriacy of Whatsapp for dubbing projects in low-tech environments, as well as quantitative and qualitative data gathered from two pilot experiences in a public high school of the north-west of Spain.
Topic 6 Experiencias individuales o colectivas en traducción especializada

Otras actividades en Topic 6 Experiencias individuales o colectivas en traducción especializada
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La traducción de las guías docentes del Grado en Medicina de la Universitat de València

Raúl Gisbert Cantó, Universitat de València
13:30 h. a 14:00 h.Comunicación

Textos culinarios requieren traducciones con gusto

André Höchemer, (autónomo)
16:00 h. a 16:30 h.Comunicación

Translation and accessibility services: SDH subtitles and audio description in the secondary school context

Tomás Costal Criado, UNED
María del Carmen Aguado Madrigal, IES A Xunqueira 1
16:30 h. a 17:00 h.Comunicación

El nuevo examen para la obtención del título de Traductor-Intérprete Jurado: análisis del proceso y de las pruebas alemán-español

María Pilar Castillo Bernal, Universidad de Córdoba
15:30 h. a 16:00 h.Comunicación

Un exemple de traduction spécialisée de l’anglais vers le français : Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan. Défis et stratégies de traduction.




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