UPDATE 04/03

Due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19, CIFETS 2021 will take place from 14th to 16th July in a hybrid format (virtual or physically participation) 

In relation to the emergency health situation arising from COVID-19, we assure you that your health is our top priority. After consideration of various scenarios that may unfold between now and the Conference date, we have decided to go for a hybrid conference (virtual or physically participation). That means you can register to attend the conference as planned in Valencia or you can register for online attendance. All participation will be through a designated online platform, and all sessions will be broadcasted through that platform in real-time. If you come to Valencia, you will participate as in a standard conference, but your talk and slides will be available to the online participants in real-time.

Extended date for submission of abstracts: 16th April 2021

Due to the new dates of the CIFETS 2021, the Best Doctoral Dissertation in Social Work Award will consider those doctoral theses that have been presented in 2020  with a distinction cum laude

If you attend physically, the new venue will be The University-Enterprise Foundation of Valencia. In order to guarantee your health, we have introduced safety measures before and during the conference

If you have further question you can contact us at cifets2020@uv.es. We will continue informing all those concerned about any developments in the organization of the event and appreciate your support.

Local Organising Committee


We are pleased to invite you to attend to the IV International Conference of Social Work (CIFETS 2021) - XIII Congress of Faculties and Schools of Social Work, titled “Social Work in the digital era: ethics and care”, which will be held at the University of Valencia, in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Valencia, on July 14-16, 2021.

This Conference aims to generate an academic and professional forum for reflection and proposals regarding the challenges posed by digital society, both in its socio-economic dimension (fourth industrial revolution) and in its psychosocial dimension (virtual reality as a new socialization scenario).

We must apply the Social Work perspective to meet the social impacts that this new scenario entails. Both in terms of facing social problems as well as challenges, from the framework of ethics and care. The latter have to be understood in a complex way, incorporating long term care strategies that are compatible with Human Rights, respect diversity, equality and incorporate an ecological dimension.

CIFETS 2021 Conference is an opportunity to address from different theoretical, epistemological and methodological perspectives, the ethical dimension of the above mentioned changes. Also the viability of a digital humanism with effects on social reality and, therefore, in our professional practice and in academic research.

We hope that CIFETS 2021 Conference will be useful to enhance the progress and improvement of the practice of Social Work in today's world, as well as the generation of scientific knowledge while promoting diversity, sustainability, equality, human rights and innovation.

We wish you a happy stay in Valencia.

Chairman of the Conference: 

Dr. Ródenas Rigla, Francisco José. Universitat de València
President of the Spanish University Association of Social Work (AUETS)


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The registration period begins 20-12-2019 until 18-06-2021
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