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    General Fee -
    Registration period: From 16-05-2022 to 10-06-2022
Extra services
Lunch 1 - Monday 20 June
Package price: € 7.00*
Lunch 2 - Tuesday 21 June
Package price: € 7.00*
Lunch 3 - Wednesday 22 June
Package price: € 7.00*
Lunch 4 - Thursday 23 June
Package price: € 7.00*
Workshop Dinner - Wednesday 22 June
Package price: € 40.00*
Registration cancellation

Cancellation deadline: 10 June 2022
Total to be refunded: 90.00%

Cancellation policy 

•    ADEIT reserves the right to cancel or change the activity if a minimum number of registrations is not reached or because of other reasons beyond the control of the organisers.

•    In case of cancellation of the activity, ADEIT will refund the full registration fee, but will not be responsible for any other expenses such as the purchase of transport tickets or accommodation bookings.

•    If the Conference does not take place for reasons beyond the control of the Conference Programme Organizers and Conference Technical Organizer, due to force majeure (e.g., flood, hurricane, etc.), participants will not be entitled to reimbursement of any fees associated with participation in the activity.

Cancellation by the participant

•    The cancellation request must be made through the "Registration" section of the website (with the ticket number and the pin provided) before 10nd June 2022. 10% of the fee will be retained by ADEIT for administrative costs. 

•    If a conference delegate is unable to attend, he or she can assign his/her registration to another person, as long as ADEIT is informed of the change at least 48 hours before the event.

To make changes to your registration, you must provide your ticket and your PIN number.

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