IV International Conference of Social Work (CIFETS 2021)
XIII Congress of Faculties and Schools of Social Work

“Social Work in the digital era: ethics and care”




The Spanish University Association of Social Work (SUASW) and the Scientific Committee of the IV International Congress of Social Work (CIFETS 2021) and XIII Congress of Faculties and Schools of Social Work announce the Best Doctoral Dissertation in Social Work Award competition. The objective is to promote research in the area of ​​Social Work, support all those interested in research related to Social Work in Spain, as well as drawing attention to the transfer of knowledge generated to society.


The Contest to the Best Doctoral Dissertation shall be governed by the following rules:


Article 1. The Doctoral Thesis Contest on Social Work aims to recognize the excellence of doctoral work among the theses on Social Work, Social Services and / or Social Policy defended in any of the Spanish Universities.


Article 2. Doctoral theses presented in one of the departments assigned to the area of ​​Social Work and Social Services of the Spanish universities can compete. Also, doctoral theses directed, co-directed or supervised by a teacher belonging to the knowledge field of Social Work​​. As an exception, lecturers linked to the Social Work and Social Services area of ​​Spanish Universities, who do not meet the conditions indicated above, can present themselves for the award. These lectures must justify the reasons that motivated this situation.


Article 3. This Doctoral Thesis Contest on Social Work will be sponsored as indicated in Article nº 10 and is linked to the IV International Congress of Social Work (CIFETS 2021) and XIII Congress of Faculties and Schools of Social Work, which will be held in Valencia on the 14, 15 and 16 of July, 2021


Article 4. For the purposes of this Contest, only those doctoral theses that have been presented between January the 1st, 2018 and the 31st of December, 2020 with a distinction cum laude will be considered.


Article 5. Those interested in participating in the Contest must submit (before the 16th April, 2021) a file (PDF format) with the Doctoral Theses that includes the act of Doctoral Thesis defence certificate (or other supporting document) and the accreditation of obtaining the "Cum Laude" Award through the CIFETS 2021 Conference registration form.

It should also be included: a summary of the doctoral thesis of no more than 4,000 words (in WORD format) and summary a CV of the author, indicating his/her contact details. 


Article 6. The doctoral thesis can be submitted in any of the co-official languages in Spain, or in English, but the summary of the thesis (of no more than 4,000 words) must be presented in Spanish.


Article 7. Once each thesis submitted to this call has been received, and when it is verified that it complies with the admission rules for the contest, the Evaluation Committee will send the summary of 4,000 words, to be evaluated by experts in Social Work, Social Services and Social Policy. The evaluation will be carried out through the double blind system. The first assessment of the thesis submitted to the contest will be carried out using a standard evaluation questionnaire. The Evaluation Committee will select the doctoral theses that will pass to the final phase of the contest, from the set of evaluations of the thesis summaries submitted to this call. The members of the Evaluation Committee must sign an ethical code and will not be evaluating doctoral theses that they have directed, co-directed or supervised.


Article 8. The Evaluation Committee will decide the prize-winning thesis/es submitted to the Doctoral Thesis contest on Social Work, from among those selected for the final phase. This selection will be made by the Evaluation Committee based on the full texts of the doctoral theses. If any of the thesis selected for the final phase has been directed, co-directed or supervised by any of the members of the jury of this Contest, said member must abstain in the corresponding vote. 


Article 9. The criteria for assessing the thesis, which will be asked of the evaluators and that will also guide the decisions of the Evaluation Committee will be: the overall quality of the research presented in the doctoral thesis, the theoretical and conceptual contributions of the research presented, derived publications and the opening of new research fields in the study of Social Work, based on the results of the doctoral thesis.


Article 10. The prizes established in this contest are the following:


  • FIRST PRIZE: The winning doctoral thesis will receive a prize of 2000 euros (taxes included). In addition, the winner of the First Prize will receive an Accrediting Diploma.
  • TWO SECONDARY PRIZES:  The Evaluation Committee may award up to a maximum of 2 Secondary Prizes. Each of the Secondary Prizes will be awarded an Accrediting Diploma. 

Article 11. The Evaluation Committee may declare the contest void if its members consider that the doctoral theses, submitted for the contest, do not reach the required level of excellence.


Article 12. The prizes of the Doctoral Thesis Contest on Social Work will be presented at the Closing Session of the IV International Congress of Social Work and XIII Congress of Faculties and Schools of Social Work (CIFETS 2021)


Article 13. The presentation of a doctoral thesis to the contest implies the author’s acceptance of the Contest Rules of Doctoral Theses on Social Work.