Valencia from 9 to 12 September 2015
Movement System Syndromes of the Cervical Spine and Shoulder

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The movement system is a physiological system that functions to produce motion of the body as whole or of the component parts.  Thus this is the system of the body for which the physiotherapist is responsible.  As with other body systems, dysfunctions develop that need to be diagnosed and treated.  This course will describe the musculoskeletal dysfunctions that develop in response to tissue stress induced by daily activities and that is influenced by personal characteristics. The repeated movements and prolonged postures of daily activities produced tissue changes that are the major cause of the dysfunctions.  This course will describe the movement system syndromes of the cervical spine and shoulder, the examination to identify the syndromes, and the treatment.  The purpose is to enable the clinician to identify impairments in movement, alignment, muscle length, stiffness, and performance and their relationship to the pain syndromes.  The signs and symptoms of syndromes to be diagnosed by physiotherapists will be described.  The course will include instruction in the tests that comprise the examination that is designed to develop and confirm the diagnosis as well as identify the contributing factors.  Instruction will also be given in developing the treatment program which consists of a precise therapeutic exercise program, correcting alignment and movement patterns associated with functional and fitness activities.

                In addition to lectures, the program will include demonstrations of examination, practice in making a diagnosis, selection of corrective exercises.  The participants will practice the examination, making the diagnosis, developing the treatment program, and correcting movement patterns as found in the syndromes of the cervical spine and shoulder.

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