Valencia from 30 November to 2 December 2016
Bayesian Inference in Hidden Markov and Related Models

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Luigi Spezia

Luigi Spezia holds a degree in Economics from Catholic University of Milan and a PhD in Statistics from University of Trento. He has been working for Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland (BioSS) since February 2008. His research interests include Bayesian modelling in time and space; Bayesian model choice and variable selection; computational statistics; environmental and ecological statistics. His expertise is in developing temporal and spatial models with a latent Markov process, e.g. hidden Markov models and spatial hidden Markov models for the classification of the observations into a small set of homogeneous groups; Markov switching autoregressive models for the analysis of non-linear and non-normal time series. He applied his models to air quality control, stochastic hydrology, image analysis, biogeography, and animal movement.

The list of Luigi’s publications is available at .


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