1. Spatial clustering of rat sightings around urban multi-source focus

Authors: Carlos Ayyad, Jorge Mateu, Ibon Tamayo

2. Modelling the presence of diseases using Bayesian Kriging

Authors: David Conesa, Xavi Barber, Silvia Lladosa, Antonio López-Quílez

3. Bayesian multivariate disease mapping using matrix models

Authors: Paloma Botella-Rocamora, Miguel A. Martínez-Beneito and Sudipto Banerjee

4. Spatio-temporal classification in point patterns under the presence of clutter

Authors: Delfín Carot, Jorge Mateu and Francisco Montes

5. A cluster method for Dynamic Life Tables

Authors: Patricia Carracedo, Ana Debón, Francisco Montes and Adina Iftimi.

6. Applications of SPDE models

Authors: Elias T. Krainski, Daniel P. Simpson, Havard Rue

7. A Bayesian Random-Effects modelling to explore neighborhood influences on small-area variation in Intimate Partner Violence Risk

Authors: Silvia Lladosa, Miriam Marco, Enrique Gracia, Antonio López-Quílez, Marisol Lila and José Serrano

8. Spatial pattern analysis of sharka disease in nursery blocks and effect of horticultural mineral oils treatments

Authors: Eduardo Vidal, Mariano Cambra, Antonio López-Quílez

9. Modelling environmental monitoring data coming from different surveys

Authors: Luís Margalho, Raquel Menezes, Inês Sousa

10. An ecological regression model for disease mapping studies in a set of non-adjacent cities

Authors: Marc Marí-Dell’Olmo, Miguel Ángel Martínez-Beneito and MEDEA Group

11. Modelling wine production using hierarchical Bayesian Kriging with uncertainty in the covariates

Authors: Xavi Barber, David Conesa, Antonio López-Quílez and Ainara Mira

12. Spatial-temporal modeling of some soil characteristics in the massif of Sicó, Portugal

Authors: M. Odete Torres and M. Manuela Neves

13. Multivariate spatio-temporal interpolation of PM2.5 and its impact on respiratory diseases

Authors: Orietta Nicolis and Lina Marcela Aristizabal

14. A Bayesian spatio-temporal approach to identify fish nurseries by validating persistance areas

Authors: Iosu Paradinas, David Conesa, Facundo Muñoz, Antonio López-Quílez, M. G. Pennino, Angel M. Fernández and Jose M. Bellido

15. Explaining spatial species distributions using different fishery surveys: are result similar?

Authors: J.M. Bellido, D. Conesa, A. López-Quílez, F. Muñoz, A. Fernández and M. G. Pennino

16. A proposal for smoothing Age Standardized Rates in small areas studies

Authors: Jordi Pérez-Panadés and Miguel Ángel Martínez-Beneito

17. An application of generalized dynamic linear models in road safety

Authors: Conceição Ribeiro, Maria Antónia Amaral-Turkman and João Lourenço Cardoso

18. Adjusting for spatial misalignment in the analysis of seedfall and seedling recruitment data

Authors: Andrea Riebler, Stefanie Muff, Jingyi Guo, Elias Krainski, S. Joseph Wright and Robert Bagchi

19. Inhomogeneous K-function for germ-grain models

Authors: Maria Ángeles Gallego, Maria Victoria Ibáñez and Amelia Simó


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