PLENARY SESSION: Insect resistance to entomopathogens and their toxins


Tariq Butt (Swansea University, UK)

Topic: Can insects develop resistance to insect pathogenic fungi?

Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes (University of Tennessee, USA)

Topic: Insect resistance to Bt

Johannes Jehle (Institute for Biological Control, Julius Kühn-Istitute, Germany)

Topic: Field resistance to baculovirus

Alder Dillman (Institute for Integrative Genome Biology, University of California, USA)

Topic: Insect interaction/resistance to nematodes



Symposium on Bacteria:

Title: Cornerstones for expanding Biological Control

Organizer: Brian Federici, Luca Ruiu, and Neil Crickmore


Cross-divisional symposium on Bacteria and Virus:

Title: The multiple layers of host-pathogen interactions

Organizers: Umut Toprak and Salvador Herrero


Symposia on Nematodes:

Title: Nematode application, what, when, and how?

Organizer: Ivan Hiltpold


Symposium on Virus:

Title: Covert virus infections in insects

Organizers: Vera Ros, Just Vlak, Miguel Lopez Ferber, and Primitivo Caballero


Symposium on Diseases of Beneficial Invertebrates (DBI):

Title:  Emerging diseases in invertebrates as one health sentinels

Organisers: Grant Stentiford, Helen Hesketh


Cross-Divisional symposium on DBI and Microsporidia

Title: Microsporidia and Microsporidia-like Cryptomycota infecting micro-eukaryotes and metazoan parasites

Organisers: Yuliya  Sokolova and Mark Freeman


Symposium from the Slug and Snail group:

Title: Future of Integrated Pest Management for Mollusc Control

Organizers: Jiri Nermut and Jena Ross  


Symposium on Fungi:

Title: Managing ticks populations with fungi: Accomplishments and challenges.

Organizers: Jae Su Kim, Pasco Avery and Stefan Jaronski


Symposium on Microbial Control:

Title: Biopesticides IV - Realising the potential: Ecological benefits of microbial biocontrol. 

Organizers: Roma Gwynn, Travis Glare, Mike Brownbridge



Workshop on Bacteria:

Title: Bioinformatics, domain-based specificity and protein structure-function to help determine safety in insecticidal proteins

Organizers: Ken Narva and William Moar


Cross-Divisional workshop on Nematodes:

Title:  Bioinformatic tools for genomic and population genetics

Organizers: Katrin Fitza and Carlos Molina


Workshop from the Slug and Snail group:

Title: Identification of molluscs and their associated nematode parasites

Organizers: Jiri Nermut and Jena Ross


Workshop on Virus:

Title: Recent and impending changes in virus nomenclature and classification

Organizers: Bob Harrison and John Burand