Things to do in Valencia

''Valencia is a city to discover! Full of art and culture, Valencia offers plenty of ways to spend your day from touring ancients buildings to admiring historic art. Throughout the city you can see traces of the different cultures that once dominated Valencia, including: the Romans, Visigoths and Arabs. Below is our guide of what to see and things to do in Valencia''.


The City of Arts and Sciences


Parks and gardens


Beaches in Valencia


Monuments in Valencia


Marques de Dos Aguas Palace


Oceanographic Valencia


Bioparc Valencia




Tourist Bus

"If you don’t know what things to do in Valencia,  and want to discover the city by participating in a tour in Valencia, we suggest you take a ride on one of the many tour busses of Valencia. These open busses take you through the main streets and monuments of the city, giving your visit to Valencia more life and adventure. The tourist bus of Valencia will take you to special places of interest within the city and is a great means of transport in Valencia".



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