Part 1. Welcome and Introduction. Chairman: Giovanni Prodi.
10:00-10:45  Registration and Coffee.
10:45-11:00  EGO Director (Federico Ferrini).
  My vision for the future of GW astronomy.
11:00-11:30  Virgo Spokesperson (Fulvio Ricci).
11:30-12:00  CBC Chair (Ed Porter).
  Overview of the CBC group and our necessities for O2+ for systems with matter.
12:00-12:30  Burst Chair (Ik Siong Heng).
  Searching for gravitational-wave transients with Advanced detectors.
12:30-13:00  Discussion.
13:00-14:00  Lunch break.
Part 2. NS/NS and BH/NS mergers. Chairman: Toni Font.
14:00-14:10  NS/NS and BH/NS mergers from a Data Analysis perspective (Giovanni Prodi).
14:10-15:00  Plenary talk (Masaru Shibata). 40’+10’
  Gravitational waves from neutron-star binaries.
15:00-15:50  Plenary talk (Alessandro Nagar). 40’+10’
  Analytical waveform modeling of tidally-interacting coalescing compact binaries.
15:50-16:05  Contributed talk (Tanja Hinderer).
  Tidal effects in neutron star binary systems: EOB modeling and comparisons with NR.
16:05-16:20  Contributed talk (Carlos Palenzuela).
  Multimessenger signals from binary neutron star mergers.
16:20-16:35  Contributed talk (Bruno Giacomazzo).
  Magnetic Field Effects in Neutron Star Binaries.
16:35-16:50  Contributed talk (Andreas Bauswein).
  Equation of state constraints from postmerger gravitational-wave emission.
16:50-17:30  Discussion. (Chaired by Patricia Schmidt and Ian Hawke)
17:30-18:00  Coffee break.
Part 3. Core-collapse supernovae. Chairman: José M. Ibáñez.
18:00-18:10  Core-collapse supernovae from a Data Analysis perspective (Giovanni Prodi).
18:10-19:00  Plenary talk (Ewald Müller). 40’+10’
  Gravitational Waves from Core Collapse Supernovae.
19:00-19:50  Plenary talk (Kei Kotake). 40’+10’
  Multimessenger predictions from multi-D core-collapse supernova models.
19:50-20:05  Contributed talk (Marek Szczepanczyk).
  Detecting and Reconstructing Gravitational Waves from Core Collapse Supernovae.
20:05-20:20  Contributed talk (Martin Obergaulinger).
  Gravitational waves from stellar core collapse with rotation and magnetic fields.
20:20-21:00  Discussion. (Chaired by Ik Siong Heng and Pablo Cerdá-Durán)