Welcome letter

We would like to invite numerical relativity (NR) practitioners to participate in the one-day, informal, scientific workshop "Numerical relativity in matter spacetimes for gravitational wave astronomy"(NRmGW). The workshop is aimed at strengthening the scientific links between the gravitational wave (GW) data analysis and NR communities engaged in the investigations of GW sources including neutron stars and "matter".

The NRmGW workshop will take place in Valencia, on December 13, 2016, and is open to all interested NR groups. The choice of the date and place is motivated by the fact that the CoCoNuT Meeting 2016 is also being held in Valencia this year, from December 14 to 16, which might already be of interest to some of you.


The NRmGW workshop is organized by the Virgo collaboration and the Virgo group of Valencia.

Recently, the LSC and Virgo collaborations have included in their data analysis plans, a few NR tasks related to BBH science, with the goal of producing the best physics regarding waveform catalogs. The NR tasks include testing systematics of templates, extending the searched paramenter space and providing the best matches for GW detections in the upcoming observation run (O2).

Steps to set up a closer collaboration with researchers providing NR waveforms for BNS and NS-BH binaries (for all epochs of the waveform; inspiral, merger and post-merger), and in general for "matter" GW events (e.g.supernovae) are being taken by the LSC and Virgo. The first step is to identify the scientific objectives which would benefit from a closer collaboration and exchange.

This meeting will thus provide an opportunity to have preparatory discussions towards this goal.

We inform interested participants that remote connection will be possible throughout the entire duration of the meeting. Participation in the workshop will be free of charge.

Fulvio Ricci, Giovanni Prodi, Ed Porter, and Toni Font (for the Virgo Collaboration)