About CERR


CERR is a platform for retail researchers who focus on marketing and operations.


HISTORY: The idea to establish a platform for European retail researchers who focus on marketing as well as operations was born in 2010. The founding members were Professors Xavier Brusset (SKEMA Business School, France), Herbert Kotzab (University of Bremen) and Christoph Teller (University of Surrey, UK). The first meeting took place in Paris in 2012. Thereafter, three more bi-annual events have taken place – CERR 2014 at the University of Bremen, CERR 2016 at Toulouse Business School, and CERR 2018 at the University of Surrey. Currently, the founding members represent the senior advisory board of CERR and ensure that its key values (as set out below) are reflected in each edition of the colloquium. 

VISION: CERR inspires and enables a better, more effective and collegiate retail research community in Europe and beyond. In doing so, CERR further advances in rigorous research of contemporary retail phenomena that have managerial relevance.

MISSION: To establish a vibrant and supportive community of retail scholars by markedly expanding opportunities for delegates to connect and explore ideas.

VALUES: CERR is built on the following values.

- Inclusiveness: CERR represents a platform for researchers from all continents. It is open to senior as well as junior researchers.

- Collegiality: CERR promotes first and foremost collegiality and tries to create a positive and creative environment where critical discourse is encouraged.

- Rigour: The underpinning principle of our research is to aspire to the highest possible scientific standards.

- Relevance and impact: CERR reflects the view that retail research should ultimately aim to be of managerial relevance.

-Mentorship: CERR particularly takes into account the needs of junior delegates, such as PhD students and early career researchers. This is reflected in special sessions organized at the Colloquium.



Xavier Brusset (SKEMA Business School, France)

Herbert Kotzab (University of Bremen, Germany)

Christoph Teller (Johannes Kepler University, Austria)



For more information visit https://cerr.sciencesconf.org/