CERR Doctoral Colloquium
Prof. Christoph Teller (Johannes Kepler University) 

CERR’s vision is to inspire and enable a better, more effective and collegiate retail research community in Europe and beyond. In line with this vision we offer a CERR Paper Development Workshop to support PhDs and Early Career Researchers (ECRs) who are in the process of drafting a paper for a journal submission. We aim to give special support to participants in the form of very concrete feedback on their written work.

PhDs and ECRs can submit a working paper in the field of retailing for consideration to be accepted for the workshop. It is not the idea to submit work that is already under review unless it is rejected and you need some guidance on how to go forward. These working papers will be reviewed by a panel of established researchers. A limited number of working papers will be selected to be included in the paper development workshop. 
Papers to be evaluated for the workshop should not exceed 10,000 words and follow the typical structure of a research paper. 
The submission deadline is 9th of March, notification of acceptance will be on 15th of April. Early Registration deadline for the actual conference is 10th of July. 

To submit your paper to this workshop you need to choose the option “Doctoral Colloquium” as Track from the drop down menu when uploading your manuscript on the Paper Submission page. In case your paper is accepted to the workshop you will be able to send an updated version of your paper by the 10th of June. Please direct questions to Christoph Teller at christoph.teller@jku.at